Climbing the ladder

to achieve better health


We all think we could eat a little healthier.  Everyone’s idea of ‘healthy’ is different and changes over time.  When I was a teenager, I thought I was healthy.  And maybe compared to others I was; I didn’t eat french fries in the cafeteria every day, I didn’t buy a chocolate bar from the vending machine at every break, and I only had pop on weekends…I had recently become a vegetarian and I ate tofu and beans during dinner.  That was pretty good compared to some of my friends! Fast forward 15 years: the only french fries I eat are home-made baked sweet potato fries, I haven’t had a chocolate bar or pop in years and I’m still eating beans and tofu with dinner.  I’d say I’ve moved a few rungs up the ladder, but I wouldn’t say I’m at the top yet and I’m going to keep climbing.  We all want to move up the ladder, but for whatever reasons it can be challenging.  This site will help you (and me) make it easier to push aside those excuses that are holding us back by reinforcing the reasons to make healthier food choices and providing ideas for incorporating healthier practices into our day-to-day lives.


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