Climbing the ladder

to achieve better health

Menu Plan for the week of April 22nd

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In an effort to stop eating a store-bought granola bar each day, I’m going to make a home-made snack each week.  This week I’ll try:

Raw Hemp Protein Bars (these were delicious, they made enough for two weeks and were a hit for kids and adults!  Will definitely be putting these in the rotation.)


Beluga Lentil, Sweet Potato & Fennel Stew with Sauerkraut*

* with some kale thrown in (this was my first time cooking with fennel and sauerkraut.  My husband commented on how flavourful it was – in a good way.  We’ll make this one often).


Baby bok choy, shitake mushrooms and tofu stir fry on soba noodles


Black bean and sweet potato quesadillas

Chilled rawvocado soup with coconut water

(I’ve made chilled cucumber, avocado soup before and really enjoyed it.  This recipe with coconut water was great too, will use this one a lot this summer)



Friday: dinner on the road to a weekend away!


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